Ola Miedzynka+ Bobbi Bidochka

The opening of the stage with Ola Miedzynka, CEO & Founder at Sx Tech eu & Bobbi Bidochka, Author | Eventologist | The Friendly Feminist

Mark & Gary Ayckbourn

Brothers, Gary & Mark Ayckbourn will outline their journey to becoming one of the world’s foremost and most respected sexual wellness manufacturers.

Soumyadip Rakshit

Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO & Co-Founder at MysteryVibe, is going to share his journey of building MysteryVibe.

Paolo Davide Griffo
Manager of DanaMedic Aps, owner Male Edge and Jes Extender.

A journey into the various techniques for penile elongation (surgery, pumps, pills, and of course penile traction devices), and how this topic is strictly related to sexual wellness. Why does size matter for people with a penis, and how penis growth (performed correctly), can positively impact their lives, both on the physical (improved erections and stamina, better sex lives) and psychological level (considerably boosting one’s self-confidence) as it happens with beauty treatments or physical exercises. In the world we live self-improving is the rule, and penis growth is only another little step towards a better version of ourselves.

Anarella Martinez-Madrid
Founder, CEO & Producer of Sex School hub

As much as we want to change the stigma still many problems around that are not only coming from the society also from the people that runs it, and we want to show you that even with this difficulty we can make a beautiful educational sex ad platform.

Bobbi Bidochka + Shakun Sethi

Bobbi Bidochka, Author | Eventologist | The Friendly Feminist and Shakun Sethi, Founder at Tickle.Life are sharing their ups and downs in the industry.

Bryony Cole + Ola Miedzynska

Bryony Cole, Global Speaker | Podcaster Producer | Sextech School Founder and Ola Miedzynska, CEO & Founder at Sx Tech eu will discuss how the landscape of the Sexual Health & Technology market is changing and how it'll look like in the near future.

Anarella Martinez-Madrid, Bobbi Bidochka, Shakun Sethi, Bryony Cole are going to answer the questions from the audience.

Moe Helmy + Raj Armani

Moe Helmy, Events Director for XBIZ and Raj Armani, Besharam are discussing: ``communication and conversation are the foundations of making progress in growing the sexual wellness market.``

Angie Rowntree + Anna Richards + June Ann

Angie Rowntree, Founder & adult industry female director, Anna Richards, Frolic Me + June Ann, conceptual erotica performer & script writer are talking about creating content for fun, film and frolicking – and making money

Moe Helmy, Angie Rowntree, June Ann, Anna Richards, and Dr Alexandra James are going to answer questions from the audience.

Dr Alexandra James

Dr Alexandra James, the Researcher at Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health, and Society, La Trobe University Australia is sharing her story and her insights about the industry so far.

Opening of the startup Pitch Competition.

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